A beautiful alternative to a full wig for chemo & alopecia

Hide hair loss with our human hair hat wigs: headbands with real hair attached to wear under all your headwear.

Ethically-sourced beautiful Caucasian human hair donated from Australians via Sustainable Salons.

No one will know there's no hair under your hat!


1. Put on a headband

2. Add a hat

3. Smile!

  • 100% HUMAN HAIR

    Looks & feels natural as it is real hair. Beautiful colours that are un-dyed where possible.


    Wear it comfortably all day long. Rarely need to be washed. Adjust the headband to your size.


    Enjoy the benefits of human hair wigs at a fraction of the price.

Our Hat Wig Options

Hair for Hats comes in three lengths, two thicknesses, and a selection of beautiful colours.

If you are not sure of the best option for you, please contact us.


Each of our hat wig hair pieces (long, mid-length, short and halo combinations) come in a range of beautiful colours.

These comparison colour charts can be helpful guides to our range of hat wig colours. Click on the link below for more photos and videos to help you choose a colour.

I am also constantly expanding my range of colours and also happy for you to send me a photo for colour, length and halo combination recommendations. Please do not hesitate to email me (Juliet): admin@hairforhats.com

Choosing a Colour
  • Thickness Variations

    Less is more when it comes to hair framing your face at the front. Yet more hair is better, when hair is at the back. Thus long pieces are each twice the thickness as the short and mid-length pieces, and a long halo (two pieces) is four times the thickness of a single mid-length piece.

  • Positioning the Hair

    FRONT: one piece (short or mid-length) provides just the right amount of hair to frame your face and give the impression of hair under your hat.

    BACK: combine two pieces (short, mid-length or long) for a "halo" with a natural-looking volume at the back. Position these with an overlap, or around the full circumference of the head.

  • Professional Styling

    Our pieces can be worn out of the box, however they are not pre-styled or treated chemically. Take them to your hairdresser for more permanent and professional straightening/style options, e.g. to add bangs, layers around your face, or for a shorter or sharper cut. Watch a video of my visit to the hairdressers in Hair for Hats pieces, to get a feel of what this could involve.

Love it or Your Money Back!

Hassle-free money-back guarantee. If the the colour or style isn't right, just contact us and send the piece/s back for an exchange or full refund.

Headwear Tips

Our headwear collection offers a selection of essential hats and beanies, and headwear recommendations including:

  • Sun hats in summer.
  • Woolly beanies in winter.
  • Soft bamboo beanies in natural colours at home.
  • Add a scarf over the bamboo beanie for the office and restaurants.
  • Newsboy and other fashion hats for cafes, bbqs and shops.
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Owner Juliet wearing hat with hair, holding baby daughter

Hair for Hats - Juliet's Story

This human hair hat wig transformed my journey through chemotherapy. I wore it all day, every day.

It made a big difference to me and my family, who weren't constantly reminded of what we were all going through. I loved that people on the street treated me normally too.

I created Hair for Hats to share this with others.


Ongoing Co-creation

I continually co-create my hair pieces with people who are wearing them. Customer suggestions have already inspired:

  • my longer pieces
  • new colours
  • mid-length halos
  • different thicknesses.

If you have any ideas or suggestions, please get in touch!

Variations & Personal Recommendations

As I continue to improve my designs, and because I prefer to avoid dye and chemicals, there can be small variations in colour, thicknesses and textures.

Please don't hesitate to send me a photo or notes on how you want to wear your hairpiece, so I can send the best possible piece for you: admin@hairforhats.com