Our Story


Hair for Hats is a family owned social enterprise founded by Juliet and Jonny to make comfortable face-framing hair solutions known and available to people experiencing hair loss. We started our business in 2021, following Juliet’s chemotherapy treatment in 2020.  

Our fringes are made with human hair donated by Sustainable Salons, collected from their network of salons from across Australia. 



Wearing a partial wig under a hat is a little-known option to many people suffering hairloss. Hair for Hats’ mission is to change this. Our uniquely wide, long face-framing hair pieces made from human hair attach to a headband and can be worn under any hat.



A human hair “medical fringe” was a lucky find that transformed my journey through cancer. At home I wore it under a softie and out I wore it under my favourite hat or beanie or sun hat or scarf. My self-consciousness about hair loss disappeared with it on – I felt normal, even attractive! I loved that no one on the street looked at me any different or had any idea what I was going through. It eased the difficult time for the whole family – it was a relief for everyone not to have the constant reminder of the “c” word. Look sick, feel sick. Look good, feel better!

Wearing a partial wig under a hat seemed to be a little known option to most people in my position. Some people knew about medical fringes, yet ruled them out as these typically are synthetic hair, short and narrow – thick bangs that don’t suit everyone and look fake. I tried to buy more fringes to donate to the wig library – yet the only shop (in the world!) selling them was consistently out of stock. I made it my mission to tell wig shops about it. I was always saying “someone has to make these!” Eventually I realised that “someone” was me!

There were improvements to be made: wider, longer, thicker, natural, available. Voila – you have it… Hair for Hats!

I’ve also summarised my philosophical and practical reflections on living for a cancer-free future including a few tips for getting through chemotherapy and for anti-cancer living.

Thank you for visiting our store and reading our story. Wishing you a wonderful life ahead.

Much love, x


Hair for Hats is a proud supporter of Look Good Feel Better and we donate $2 from every purchase.