All Hair for Hats products are100% human hair, sustainably sourced and generously donated by Australians via Sustainable Salons - the inspiring social enterprise who are making salon waste history!

Make sure you don’t throw away your ponytails!

Every year an estimated 4,000 ponytails are needed to make enough wigs for those suffering from medically-induced hair loss such as cancer and alopecia. 

You can send them to Sustainable Salons, a unique social enterprise that provides ponytails to charities and local wig makers, like Hair for Hats, where they become medical wigs and help fund other life changing products and programs. 

Girl holding platted ponytail

When ponytails arrive at Sustainable Salons depot, the team sorts and grades every one of them by hand according to length, colour and hair type. 


The ponytails are then sent to Hair for Hats to be made into our headpieces by our wonderful family-owned manufacturer in Vietnam.

Learn more about donating ponytails here.

Please contact Sustainable Salons for any queries about the donation process.