Gift ideas for chemo patients

Having been through chemo, and having friends going through it too (what is it with the c-thing?!) - I thought it might be useful to share some ideas for good gift ideas:

Gift ideas for chemo patients

- Hats and beanies that don't look like chemo hats but give good coverage of the head.

- Book Anti-cancer Living by Dr Lorenzo Cohen and Alison Jefferies (integrative oncology bible mentioned above)

- Book for psychological support (the hardest bit about the journey, in my opinion) called The Cancer Companion: How to Navigate Your Way from Diagnosis to Treatment and Beyond 

- Goodies from a health food shop - mushroom powders, superfoods, bone broth concentrates, Frankincense oil, healthy sugar-free treats.

- Organic meals that can be stored in the freezer and mean one thing less to think about for the friend and their family when going through chemo.

- Audiobook recommendations and vouchers - to distract one's mind. Or a subscription to Sam Harris's Waking Up app could be a good idea as well - full of great 10 min meditations and Alan Watts lectures among other goodies. 

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