Styling tips for hair loss

Here are my top styling tips for wigs and hats if you're experiencing hair loss:

1. Jon Renau "softies" are very comfortable and a great option for home and sleeping. 

2. Wrap a thin scarf on top of a softie for work or going out. It feels much safer than wearing just a scarf. It's also a lot easier than learning different scarf tying techniques. Wrap and tie, leaving some of the scarf hanging and it gives a feeling of long hair as well.  

3. Seek out about non-chemo sources of sun hats, vintage hats and headbands, beanies from surf shops, hippy and reggae headwear, and so on. Look for options that cover the sides of your head. 

4. If you want to conceal hair loss, the sides of your head are the biggest give-away. So choose beanies and deep-set hats that cover the sides of the head.

5. A little hair poking out of your hat or beanie can give the impression that  you have a full head of hair under it.Blue softie with scarf wrapped around it

6. Hair for Hats can be cut by a hairdresser to suit your style - blunt fringe, light fringe or a longer side fringe. You can also buy two pieces, one for the front and one for the back.

7. If you are losing long beautiful hair, it might be worth investing in a custom made headband made with your own hair.

8. If you want a cap to wear with Hair for Hats, choose one the doesn't have a hole a the back. Find sun hats that are deep-set, covering as much of the sides of your head.

9. "Bus boy" and "slouchy news boy" hats look very cute, particularly with Hair for Hats.

10. Etsy is good place to find different vintage and handmade scarfs and hats. Earrings are a great accessory to add too.  

11. Eye brow magic - was brilliant when lost my eye brows. Eye liner was great too, eye lashes were too hard.

12. If you're comfortable without headwear and wigs, all the power to you! You're an inspiration!

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Beanie with human hair
Sun hat with human hair - Hair for Hats
Denim newsboy hat with hairSlouchy news boy hat with hair
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