What kind of wig should you wear under beanies? What is a "beanie with hair"?

It’s coming into winter in Australia, perfect time for beanies and other woolly hats.

Hair for Hats wig pieces provide the perfect winter option- a natural-looking comfortable wig for under all your beanies that is made from human hair. It looks real, because it is!

Why would you choose a "beanie with hair"? 

1. Affordable human hair wig option

If you’re going through chemotherapy, chances are you don’t want to splurge on a human hair wig. Synthetic alternatives abound, however, in my experience, they all look fake.

2. Comfortable than a full wig (no scratch!)

Appearing as if there is a full head of hair under your beanie, yet secretly leaving your scalp without the scratchiness and discomfort of a full wig. All that touches your head is the headband and beanie, making it comfortable to wear all day long. 

3. Avoid ruining your full human wig

If you have spent a fortune on a human hair wig, chances are you don’t want to wear a beanie on top of it. Hair for Hats is the best complement for human hair wigs.

4. Ease your journey through chemo with this trendy winter look.

Pictures of female snowboarders or wintery fashions often feature models wearing a beanie with a small amount of hair peaking out from under it. It's a super-cute look!

I've always loved this in wintery months - it's difficult to achieve even with short hair like I now have. 


Not only are Hair for Hats 100% human hair, they are also attached to a headband so you can  wear it not just one beanie, but under all your beanies and other hats.

Just pop it on and add a beanie to keep your head warm, comfortable and still look like your normal self.

Where to get your beanies: 

Camilla has recently launched some amazing designer beanies and headwear - one of these over a Hair for Hats wig piece, and you have an glamorous look for winter.

Surf shops offer a great range of affordable beanies. 

Etsy shops offer beautiful hand-made beanies.

Gucci and other designer brands also make beanies - look on Ebay and other seconds shops to get one at an affordable prices

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