What are the Best Wigs for Summer?

Finding lightweight and breathable wigs that allow you to stay cool and comfortable in summer you'll want to consider natural material, shorter hair styles and innovative solutions such as partial "hat wigs". Hat wigs that attach a small amount of hair to a headband, and leave your scalp uncovered and cool under hats, are a particularly good summer option. 

Summer wigs: things to consider 

Summer is HOT, and with a wig even hotter!  Whether you're looking for a wig to wear on its own or an innovative solution to pair with hats for the beach, here is my two cents on what to consider when choosing a wigs for summer...

Here are a few things to consider: 

Synthetic Wigs

Synthetic wigs are often lighter than human hair wigs and require less maintenance, unfortunately full wigs are still hot and scratchy, and look shiny and fake.

Short Bob Wigs

Like normal hair, wigs with shorter hair styles, such as bob cuts, also help keep cool in summer as they're lighter and allow for better air circulation around the neck and shoulders. 

Lace Front Wigs

Known for their realistic hairline, lace front wigs offer breathability due to the sheer lace material along the front of the wig cap. If you go for a full wig, try to find lace front wigs made with lightweight human hair blends, while noting that like any other full wig, these can still be scratchy and hot. 

Hat Wigs - the Ideal Summer Wig Solution

Hat wigs offer a way to turn all of your hats (and scarves and beanies) into "hats with hair attached". Hat wigs allow you to effortlessly combine headwear with a wig - the perfect amount of hair (ideally human hair) to look like you've got a full head of hair under your wig. This makes hat wigs comfortable, as your head is uncovered under your headwear.

Tips for Headwear and Hat Wigs in Summer

  • Mid-length and short hat wigs for the coolest option for summer, with the combined benefit of short bob wigs (air circulation around neck and shoulders) and hat wigs (leaving your scalp uncovered under your hat).

  • Long hat wigs are still much cooler than full wigs, as they still leave your scalp uncovered.

  • Choose hats or scarves with breathable materials.  Bamboo softies are a great choice to combine with a scarf, and straw or fabric sun hats are great too.

  • Opt for lighter headwear colours that reflect sunlight rather than darker hues that may absorb heat.

Verdict: hat wigs are the best wigs for summer

While lace front, synthetic and shoulder length wigs may be less hot than long human hair wigs, overall full wigs are scratchy and hot. Synthetic hat wigs look fake. Human hair hat wigs are the ideal summer wig.  

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