Choosing a wig for chemo: synthetic or human hair? Full wig or hat wig?

Hat wigs and "hats with hair" can be a game-changer for those wanting a comfortable wig that looks real, without costing thousands of dollars. 

Synthetic or human hair?

All sorts of guides to wigs for chemo will suggest synthetic hair wigs are the way to go: they are much cheaper and far less maintenance. 

What they fail to mention is that the alternative - synthetic wigs - look, well, synthetic! They can look ok on photographs, but in reality - at least in my experience ordering online and trying them on in wig libraries and wig shops - they ALL look shiny and extremely fake.

Human hair wigs on the other hand look, feel and behave like, well, real hair. You can straighten, curl, cut, use product, and they look like real hair. Of course full human hair wigs still have major downsides: very expensive and a huge amount of work. 

Who has the energy and care-factor to wash a wig every couple of days when going through chemo and radiation treatments? I didn't. 

Full wig or hat wig?

Regardless of the material, full wigs are inevitably scratchy and hot.

Human hair hat wigs offer a perfect solution, in my opinion, of 

  • Ease and Convenience: a hassle-free way to combine a stylish hat or headscarf with the perfect amount of human hair to look like there is a full head of hair underneath it
  • Versatility: With our hat wigs, you can easily switch up your look by changing your hat, beanie or scarf. This allows for endless styling possibilities to suit different occasions.
  • Breathability and Comfort: Hat wigs that attach to a headband leave your scalp cool under your hats, preventing discomfort from excessive heat or sweating even on the hottest days.
  • Style and Confidence: Hat wigs boost your confidence and allow you to embrace your summer activities without worrying about your hair. 

Summer is a time to embrace carefree styles while staying comfortable and chic. The best wigs for warm weather offer breathability, style, and ease, making hat wigs a fantastic choice for those seeking an easy, comfortable and fashionable option.

Explore our range of hat wigs available, in short, mid-length and long, in a variety of colours and halo hair combinations, to find the perfect summer wig that suits your personal style and lets you enjoy the season with confidence and comfort.

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