Comfortable wigs for chemo and alopecia: what to search for

My search for a chemo hair solution was a search for a wig looked real, was comfortable and not a lot of effort. Some useful terms I discovered (after a lot of searching) - none which do what Hair for Hats does:

"Medical fringe" is the term for a fringe wig (to wear under hats) that doesn't require hair to clip it into. There are many cheap synthetic medical fringes out there which look cheap and fake. It's near impossible to find a human hair medical fringe.  

Similarly there are "halo wigs" or "hair halo"and "hair magic" - designed to be a "halo" around your head - leaving most of the scalp free of hair for under hats. These are a great idea however, once again, not in human hair and they look fake - not for me.

Other terms that wigs for under hats can be found include: "hats with hair", "wig hat", "hat with wig", "hat hair", "ponytail hats", and "headband wig". Again,  synthetic and they look fake. 

Another search term that is useful is to get more specific with the type of hat you want hair joined to. For example, you can look up "beanie with hair" or "cap with hair", and find some nice looking options on Etsy. However, once again these tend to be synthetic and fake.

Human hair "active wigs" are a good search term to know about -  half wigs designed for wearing with headbands or hats for the gym, beach, hot days and at home. Most of these are $1,500+.

You'll find a few custom-made headband wig options for under hats, but they are $400+ and sit at the back of the head, rather than framing the face at the front. This suits people with long beautiful hair, who as some custom wig makers even can use your own hair, so a wonderful option if that's you. 

Like wigs, lots of these look great in photos of supermodels, but they look very different in real life.

Add "human hair" before any of these terms e.g. "human hair chemo hat", "human hair fringe wigs", "human hair medical fringe", and "human hair halo wig" - you would think there would be loads of options that look like what I've created here. If you find any please let me know. I think Hair for Hats is quite unique in this space.

The one option that I found - "human hair bangs" - that attached to a headband - was wonderful, but always out of stock, and when it was in back in stock it was a bad colour and not wide enough (I tried to secure a back up option in case something happened to the one that I was wearing 24-7).

Hence after all this searching, my solution? Make one myself!

As you can see from my reviews, this new hair loss solution hits a mark for people with alopecia as well. 

I truly hope that Hair for Hats can transform people's experiences of hair loss, as it did mine. I hope this is a useful background to how I got here as well.

Wishing you all my best with your chemo hair solutions!   

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