Hats with hair - a guide and tips to find your perfect hat with hair option

Hats with hair come in many different forms, and when buying online it can be very difficult to know which will look good in real life and which will work for you. Here I provide a guide to the different search terms that may help you find the best solution for you.

The best solution for me didn't exist, which is why I created Hair for Hats. That's me in the photo, shortly after finishing chemo, as I started to develop this versatile "hat with hair" option for under all your hats!

What is a "hat with hair"?

A "hat with hair" is headwear with strands of synthetic or real hair attached, providing a quick and comfortable option to hide hair loss with an attractive hat that appears to have hair under it. 

Hats with hair come in various styles, from baseball caps to wide-brimmed hats, and the hair can be long, short, curly, straight, or even colourful. 

What are the benefits of a hat with hair?

The benefits of a hat with hair over a full wig include:

(a) comfort - no itch of a full wig

(b) ease - just pop it on, almost no maintenance and styling involved

(c) convincing - particularly if it's human hair (synthetic hair is inescapably shiny, and wigs in my experience unfortunately look like wigs)

(d) security - held on by a headband and hat, unlikely to blow off when you're at the beach or doing sports. 

How to find the right hat with hair for you?

Some search terms that can help you uncover hat with hair options include:

"Hat wigs" are an encompassing term that can be useful for finding hats with hair. 

"Halo wigs", "hair halo"and "hair magic" - designed to be a "halo" around your head. These are often synthetic but I highly recommend finding a human hair version. 

"Medical fringe" is the term for a fringe wig (to wear under hats) that doesn't require hair to clip it into. There are many cheap synthetic medical fringes out there which look cheap and fake. It's near impossible to find a human hair medical fringe.  

Other terms that wigs for under hats can be found include: "hats with hair", "wig hat", "hat with wig", "hat hair", "ponytail hats", and "headband wig". Again,  synthetic and look fake. 

You can also get more specific with the type of hat you want hair joined to. For example, you can look up "beanie with hair" or "cap with hair", and find some nice looking options on Etsy. However, once again these tend to be synthetic and fake.

"Active wigs" are a good search term to know about -  half wigs designed for wearing with headbands or hats for the gym, beach, hot days and at home. Most of these are more than $1,500.

Add "human hair" to your search

Add "human hair" before any of these terms e.g. "human hair hat wig", "human hair chemo hat", "human hair fringe wigs", "human hair medical fringe", "human hair bangs" and "human hair halo wig" - you would think there would be loads of options that look like what I've created here. If you find any please let me know!

Custom-made hats with hair or headband wig options made with your own hair. This suits people with long beautiful hair, who as some custom wig makers even can use your own hair, so a wonderful option if that's you. Cost can still be an issue, at $500+ Also these usually sit at the back of the head, rather than framing the face at the front. 

After all this searching, my solution? Make them myself!

Made in a variety of lengths and thicknesses, with the ability to attach one to the front, back or both* (*with two pieces), and in beautiful colours (many un-dyed), Hair for Hats allows you to re-create your hair style for under hats.

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