Losing your hair from chemotherapy? What are your options?

When going through chemotherapy or alopecia you may think your options are:

(1) boldly embrace your baldness, which can be very confronting;

(2) wear a scratchy wig - human hair which is very expensive and high maintenance; synthetic hair that looks shiny and fake;

(3) wear a hat, beanie, or turban, which without hair is still very confronting.

(4) a little known alternative: partial wig for under hats - sometimes called a "medical fringe" or an "active wig".

Why choose a hat wig?

Human hair hat wigs offer a way to make the journey through hair loss just a little bit easier. They look real because they are made of human hair, yet unlike full human hair wigs they are affordable and easy to wear, little maintenance, and are comfortable - as if you're not wearing a wig at all. 

Here's how I decided to create this hat wig human hair option:

This is me before chemo, with short hair:

Before chemo, with my baby Millie.

First I went to the wig library, and found this synthetic option with darker roots - not bad, but still shiny and fake, and itchy:


Then I went to a wig shop to try on some more and see what my options were:
All the synthetic wigs looked TERRIBLE!!
I did discover Jon Renau "softies" there, which were wonderful to sleep in, but without hair under that wasn't going to be enough.
I searched and search, and found some interesting options from a shop in the US:
The ponytail wig in synthetic hair with little side pieces was a great idea, but looked ridiculous!
Synthetic fringe wig - shiny and curly (and you can't do anything about it)
Of all the options, one was the clear winner - this very small amount of human hair made all the difference:
Me wearing the "human hair bangs" that I found online. 
I wore it everyday, from the moment I woke until the moment I went to sleep.
I wore it so much that I wanted spare one. But they were always out of stock in blonde, so I created the new and vastly improved Hair for Hats!
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