Taking Your Hat Wig to the Hairdressers

If you want to recreate a particular length or hairstyle, you may wish to take one or more Hair for Hats wig pieces to your hairdressers for a trim.

I recently did this, to see what would be involved in recreating a thicker shoulder length hairstyle for one of my customers. I booked an appointment with my wonderful hairdresser Sammi - at Tao Hair Lounge in Terrigal.

I prepared the hairpiece by combining two long thick pieces, partially overlapping the back, and a short fringe at the front. This suited my customer better than two mid-length pieces, primarily as she has bangs and a thicker mane of hair. By recreating her normal hairstyle, everyone around her will assume she hasn't lost her hair and is just wearing a beanie or scarf.

For the cut I popped a House of Christine black bamboo beanie on top of the hairpieces. It was easy, I didn't feel awkward, and the look was perfect for what my customer was after. 

Here is a quick video capturing the experience:


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