What's are the best gifts for loved ones going through chemotherapy?

Having been through chemotherapy, and having friends going through it too (what is going on??!), I thought it might be useful to share some ideas for good gift ideas for when loved ones are going through chemotherapy:

Best gifts for loved ones going through chemotherapy

There are two "must have" books, in my opinion, that really helped me:

First is a book Anti-cancer Living by Dr Lorenzo Cohen and Alison Jefferies - this is an "integrative oncology" bible - and really helpful for navigating all the conflicting information out there.

Second is a book for psychological support (the hardest bit about the cancer journey, in my opinion) called The Cancer Companion: How to Navigate Your Way from Diagnosis to Treatment and Beyond 

Third are any goodies from a health food shop - mushroom powders, superfoods, bone broth concentrates, Frankincense oil, and healthy sugar-free treats.

Even better still, make organic meals that can be stored in the freezer and mean one thing less to think about for the friend and their family when going through chemotherapy. Vegetarian is great, or slow cooked stews are also a good one.

My friend made me lots of pre-cut frozen smoothie-ready bags of fruit and vegetables - making it easy to pop them in the blender for a health boost... yum!  

Audiobook recommendations and vouchers - to distract one's mind. Or a subscription to Sam Harris's Waking Up app could be a good idea as well - full of great 10 min meditations and Alan Watts lectures among other goodies. 

CBD oil is helpful for minimising side-effects and helping you sleep, as well as potential other anti-cancer benefits. But it's really expensive, so a lovely gift for a group to give.

Replacing feelings of pity with feelings of awe for your loved one's strength, and gratitude that the cancer was found and is treatable.

Life is short for all of us, take it as a reminder to live it to your best and enjoy the time you have together - what is the gift of life if not that present? 

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