Chemo hair solutions - what to search for

Chemo hair solutions can mean many different things. I started my search using terms like "cancer hats", "cancer headwear", "chemo wigs". So many options come up under these, but not what I was looking for. 

Before I get to that, it's worth noting the different meanings of "chemo hair solutions".

If you're about to go through chemo, it could mean ice packs or "cooling caps" - worn for a period of time before, during, and after each chemotherapy to help prevent your hair falling out. I found out about that option too late. 

Chemo hair solutions after treatment includes getting an idea about how long your hair will take to come back, what to do about chemo curls (and whether they are likely to be temporary or permanent).

It can include tips on making your hair grow faster (time and patience), or how to style your new locks (such as vintage scarfs (great over a softie during chemo) as headbands post chemo - see other post).

For me chemo hair solutions was about finding a comfortable and above all EASY option that didn't look like fake hair. I couldn't find it, so eventually I created it. Learn more about search terms in this post for the varieties of hats with hair products on the market.  

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