Chemo wigs - comfort and convincing made easy

When going through chemo, how do you go about choosing a wig?

Most wig guides will tell you to choose a synthetic wig, as it's affordable and easier to look after. Human hair wigs cost $10,000 (unless they are cheap and terribly made), and take A LOT of maintenance. Missing from most wig guides is a third option: a human hair partial wig to wear under hats. 

I created Hair for Hats because this third option was what I wanted, and was very difficult to find. In time I have found a few useful search terms for the varieties of hats with hair products on the market. This includes:

  • medical fringe, wig hat, hat with wig, hat hair, ponytail hats, halo wigs, hair halo, hair magic, headband wig - all synthetic.
  • active wig (also for under hats and headbands) - expensive ($1000+)  and hair at the back of head 
  • beanie with hair / hat with hair - Etsy is a good place to find these, attached permanently to a single hat.

These search terms will provide options that are close to Hair for Hats, but not as good. Synthetic fringes look fake and human hair options (even these partial wig options) on the market are unaffordable. 

Hair for Hats is an easy option - no maintenance and easy to just pop on; the headband is adjustable; it's affordable; human hair, and the hair frames the face - hiding the give-away bald spots on the sides.

To my knowledge Hair for Hats is the only product on the market, in the world, that does this! I hope you like it as much as I do.

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